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Google AdMob Job opportunity

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Hello everyone welcome to a new job opportunity which will yield passive income to everyone who apply for it.

Google AdMob is the largest advertising platform in the world. They pay their workers monthly (21th).
Google AdMob is an advertising platform that advertise different platform (ads) in Apps.. These ads which they advertise in apps are ads in by people or organizations.

How to earn in GOOGLE ADMOB.
First, you must be an app owner. You create app of your choice and publish on Google play store during the app creation you fix in the units required for the ads in your app for the ads to display.
Now when people Download your app and make use of them and also click on the ads in the app you get credited in $.

Google AdMob credit it’s workers(app owners) when users click on ads they advertise in their app.

1) You must be an app owner and you must link their ads to your app.
2) you must create an AdMob account where your earning details will be displayed band the account must be a *verified one*.

These are the steps you need in becoming an earner in Google AdMob..

To create your Google AdMob account and earning App message me via WhatsApp @ 09020851360.

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