Massive Recruitment at United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA)

United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA) is one of Africa’s leading financial institutions, with operations in 19 African countries and 3 global financial centres: London, Paris and New York. From a single country organisation founded in 1949 in Nigeria UBA has grown to become a pan-African provider of financial services with over 11 million customers, through close to 1000 business offices and touch points globally.
We are recruiting to fill the position below: 1. HR Business Partner Job Title: HR Business Partner Location: Owerri, Imo
Job Objective
  • To ensure an effective business partnering relationship in assigned regions, in line with the strategic objectives of the bank.
  • To provide strategic input on Talent Management issue to Business Leaders.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Build partnership and maintain strong relationship with Business leaders to achieve Revenue Budget
  • Ensure optimal staffing in assigned region
  • Create exceptional candidate & employee experience throughout the employee journey in the Bank
  • Drive Talent retention through career development, performance management, succession planning and employee engagement.
  • Ensure timely resolution of disciplinary cases, conflicts & Complaint in line with the Bank’s policies
  • Ensure consistency in the implementation of HR policies, processes and practice in assigned region
  • Support the implementation of projects and associated change management activity
Candidate’s Profile
  • Our ideal candidate must have practical/hands on HR business partnering experience.
  • He/she has to be knowledgeable about HR processes, employee lifecycle and the business.
  • He/she must have strong Business Acumen, Interpersonal, Relationship management and Analytical skills.
  • He/she must reside in Owerri.
Skills required:
  • Business Acumen.
  • Good Coaching and Counseling skills.
  • Rational, confident and mature approach to decision making.
  • Well-developed critical and analytical thinking.
  • Strong interpersonal, Problem-solving, Negotiation and expectations management.
  • Effective listening skills.
  • Project management skills.
  • Strong orientation towards customer support and responsiveness.
  • Ability to build teams and foster team spirit.
Knowledge Required:
  • Good knowledge of Employee Lifecycle model with practical/hands-on experience.
  • Knowledge of HR Metrics & Analytics.
Application Closing Date 29th September, 2021.
How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online 2. Direct Sales Business Partners
Job Title: Direct Sales Business Partners Location: Nigeria
Job Objective
  • The Activation and Engagement officer is responsible for creating product awareness and engagement with the Area Sales Managers, implementing marketing plans and strategies including deployment and activation of Direct Sales Executives at the Branches.
Roles & Responsibilities Sales:
  • Drives sales of the bank’s retail products by liaising and engaging with Area Sales Managers, providing required support to ensure sales budget achievement.
  • Participates in recruitment, training and deployment of the Direct Sales Executives (DSEs) to their branches to achieve the sales targets of the bank.
  • Providing Marketing support and activation of market locations
  • Develops coordinated strategies for cluster market penetration to achieve set targets
  • Participates in campaigns to drive product adoption, Sales and usage of the bank’s retail services
  • Reviews branch and area performances and schedules engagements such as DSE clinics based on the report review. Collaborates with ASMs to ensure the agents are being managed and supervised.
  • Coordinates customer engagement sessions
Market Research:
  • Conducts regular competitive analysis via market feedback to compare offerings with competition
  • Performs regular market scanning to provide feedback to product / segment managers on opportunities for product and service improvements.
DSE Performance Management:
  • Reviews and maintains daily activity performance report of the Area Sales Managers, ensuring their daily tasks feed into the overall objective to achieve the budget numbers.
  • Assists Head, Direct Sales (in liaison with HCM) to implement effective people management.
  • Ensures that new/redeployed DSE are provided with support required to work – ID cards, etc.
  • Daily, weekly & monthly performance assessment of ASMs/PCMs.
  • Conducts periodic (weekly & quarterly) trainings for ASMs/PCMs on the bank’s policies, procedures, products & services.
  • Monitors overhead expenses ensuring costs are kept within budget.
Engagement with Branches, Areas, Product Managers and Segment Managers:
  • Working with Area Sales Managers /profit Centre Mangers to execute market storms & cluster marketing.
  • Coordinates customer engagement sessions to interact with customers. Escalates sales challenges for resolution and implements recommendations that ensure achievement of performance targets.
  • Provides feedback from the market and makes appropriate recommendations to improve offerings.
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Works closely with Cluster Control and Compliance units to ensure that products are sold by DSEs in line with the bank’s policy and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensures that new sales comply with AML, KYC regulations
Candidate’s Profile We are looking to employ a driven and experienced Direct Sales Business partner, give sales support, to the Area Sales Managers within assigned territories and guide a team of Profit center managers and Direct Sales Executives (DSE). Our ideal candidate should possess the followings.
  • He or She should be able to evaluate/ review the performance of the sales team.
  • He or she should be able to prepare reports that are required to review performance.
  • He should be committed to driving sales and adept at managing a sales team.
  • He or She should be a computer literate and proficient in the use of Microsoft excel, Word and power point.
  • He should also demonstrate exceptional analytical, problem-solving, customer service skills and strong leadership and motivational abilities.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience, out of which 2 years must have been spent in a similar role in Personal Banking.
Skills Required:
  • Strong relationship and interpersonal skills
  • Great communication skills (written and oral)
  • Project management
  • Excellent product management skill
Knowledge Required:
  • Extensive knowledge of the bank’s policies and procedures
  • Excellent interpretation of business needs into operational requirements.
  • Knowledge of CBN’s policies and the business env
Application Closing Date 30th September, 2021.
How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online 3. Team Member, Transaction Monitoring
Job Title: Team Member, Transaction Monitoring Location: Nigeria
Job Objective
  • To carry out ongoing monitoring of accounts in line with extant regulations and internal policy to identify and report suspicious transactions to the requisite statutory authorities.
  • To manage and support the bank’s Compliance Risk Management strategy in ensuring that the Bank’s AML and Counter Financing of Terrorism’s effort are in line with the Group standards and international best practice.
  • To carry out enhanced due diligence reviews to prevent the Bank from being exposed to the risk of sanctions and associated financial/reputational loss that the Group may incur as a result of failure to comply with regulations
  • Ensure capacity building of staff to improve Compliance culture in the bank.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Use of Actimize for Suspicious Activity Monitoring (SAM)
  • Sanctions Screening Compliance
  • Money Remittance (Western Union & MoneyGram) Transactions Monitoring
  • Compliance Investigations, Reporting and Returns Rendition
  • Response to Request for Information (RFI) from Correspondent Banks
Candidate’s Profile
  • Our ideal candidate must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in Operations, Internal Control or Audit & Compliance, External Auditing and Risk Management.
Skills Required:
  • Strong Analytical skills
  • Good investigative skills
  • Report writing skills
  • Proficiency in the use of the computer and basic applications like excel, power point etc
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Good interpersonal and Communication skills
Knowledge Required:
  • Extensive knowledge of the bank’s policies & procedures
  • Deep understanding of the Bank’s Products, Services and Processes.
Application Closing Date 30th September, 2021.
How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online 4. Compliance Advisory Officer
Job Title: Compliance Advisory Officer Location: Nigeria
Job Objective
  • Ensure adherence to Policy and Regulatory Compliance.
  • To provide guidance to stakeholders on Compliance matters to ensure the bank’s operations and business transactions follow all relevant regulatory provisions and internal policies.
  • To provide compliance and advisory services to executive Management.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Ensure Compliance Advisory Portal is always properly manned, and all inquiries are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Respond to escalations and enquiries with respect to IMTOs.
  • Re-route STR/SAR escalations from business offices to Transaction Monitoring unit for proper filing.
  • Attend to all BVN related changes taking into consideration the provisions of the CBN BVN Framework by ensuring completeness of recommended documentation.
  • Attend to all Foreign Currency Transactions referred to Compliance for advice.
  • Respond to request for World-Check due diligence screening.
  • Ensure prompt response to Request for Information (RFI) from Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit providing requested documents.
  • Review and approve account opening request for PEPs and Public Sector Accounts.
  • Review and approve Domiciliary Account Tiering /Due Diligence alerts.
  • Conduct due diligence for Merchants and Payment Facilitators onboarding.
Candidate’s Profile
  • Our ideal candidate must have deep knowledge of the Bank’s Products, Services, Processes and Policies with a minimum experience of 4 – 8 years’ in Operations, Internal Control & Audit.
Skills Required:
  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving ability.
  • Analytic, Conceptual and Investigation Skills.
  • Proficiency in the use of the computer and basic applications like excel, powerpoint, World-Check.
  • Firm, professional and result-oriented.
  • Excellent Interpersonal and Communication Skills.
  • Avid Reader.
Knowledge Required:
  • Deep knowledge of the Bank’s Products, Services, Processes and Policies.
  • Good Understanding of Sanction screening.
Application Closing Date 30th September, 2021.
How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online 5. Relationship Officer, Embassies Multilaterals & Development Organizations
Job Title: Relationship Officer, Embassies Multilaterals & Development Organizations Location: Nigeria
Job Objective
  • Focusing on Embassies, Multilaterals, developmental organization as well as diplomatic corps, missions with a view to mining and even creating opportunities in the space.
  • To co-ordinate with the other stakeholders within the bank in implementing strategies for breaking into new emerging EMDO markets across Africa and establishing mutually beneficial and strategic partnerships between the UBA Group and International Development Organizations.
  • To ultimately forge strong bilateral relationships between both countries as well as create other mutually beneficial collaborations at large.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Development of detailed EMDO marketing strategies for multilaterals, embassies, International and local NGOs.
  • Conversions of New EMDO Mandates, Management of existing relationships and retention of business.
  • Supervising the implementation of prepared marketing plans and strategies to achieve the objective of the unit.
  • Development of specialized banking products, detailed EMDO marketing materials for multilaterals, embassies, International and local NGOs.
  • Implementation of call plan, engagement plan and required sponsorships.
  • Participation in RFPs, Bids, Tenders and other assignments.
Candidate’s Profile
  • We are looking for a candidate who has a good knowledge of banking products/services, excellent relationship management skills with a minimum of 5 years’ banking experience.
Skills Required:
  • Result-oriented, self-motivated.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Good leadership skills.
  • Excellent relationship management / communication skills.
  • Good speaking and writing skills.
Knowledge Required:
  • Bank Product/Service Knowledge.
  • Industry / Regulatory Knowledge.
  • Banking Operations.
Application Closing Date 30th September, 2021.
How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online 6. Team Member, Regulatory Liaison
Job Title: Team Member, Regulatory Liaison Location: Nigeria
Job Objective
  • To assist the GCCO in ensuring prompt response to regulatory issues.
  • Ensure prompt rendition of regulatory reports.
  • Zero regulatory sanctions.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Build and Maintain Cordial Relationships with Law Enforcement Officers
  • Ensure to keep proper record of enquiries from Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Ensure that required information are collated and reviewed to be satisfactory
  • Transmit such information and documents to the respective LEA.
  • Guide staff in honoring LEA invitations and to give evidence on behalf of the bank in courts.
  • Prompt Rendition of Regulatory Returns.
  • Manage Financial Crimes Risks Such as Posed by Bank’s Customers.
  • Participate in transaction monitoring and FCY Transfers.
  • Provide optimum support from a holistic compliance perspective.
Candidate’s Profile
  • Our ideal candidate must have experience in operations, Internal Control or Audit & Compliance, External Auditing and Risk Management with a minimum of 2 years’ experience.
Skills Required:
  • Strong human interpersonal relationship and communications skills.
  • Good interpretation of policies and laws.
Knowledge Required:
  • Knowledge of Regulatory Liaison Management.
  • Deep knowledge of the Bank’s Products, Services and Processes.
Application Closing Date 30th September, 2021.
How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online
7. Team Member, Cost Management Budgetary Control
Job Title: Team Member, Cost Management Budgetary Control Location: Lagos
Job Description
  • Interested in joining the UBA Tribe? We are looking for a candidate who has good knowledge of financial services business, analytical skills, an advanced interpersonal and conflict management skill, who also has good excel and basic SQL skills.
  • The ideal candidates must be conversant with the following:
    • Financial services business
    • MS Office
Job Objective(s)
  • Drive the translation of cost corporate strategy into action
  • Provide advisory support to business units on cost
  • Track and regularly report actual spent against budget
  • Advice management on necessary actions to save cost and achieve the expected target.
Responsibilities Group Budget design and review:
  • Weekly upload of budget limit for non-sales divisions and business offices.
  • Review of extra- budgetary expenditures requests.
MPR/Business Performance Analysis:
  • Monitoring and reporting on expense/cost lines
  • Efficient and timely allocation of Head Office costs, through ABC allocation methodology plus periodic review of allocation parameters in line with changes in key cost drivers of the business before the release of the draft MPR
  • Daily review of Group-wide specific expenses.
Cost Reporting and Support:
  • Resolution of all issues relating to Expenses.
  • Provision of technical support to the GCOC, as well as the preparation of the quarterly reports
  • Providing automated detailed cost reports by expense type to ALL business and support groups in line with the KPI sets for MPR delivery
  • Management of the cost code system for monitoring and situating expense responsibility
  • Generation/implementation of strategic cost saving initiatives
  • Management of the cost code system for monitoring and situating expense responsibility.
  • Preparation of Directorate/Divisional Cost Report
  • Cost review for UBA Africa
  • Cost code creation as required.
Requirements Educational Qualification:
  • First Degree in any related field
  • Possession of relevant master’s degree/ Professional certification will be an added advantage.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience.
Desired Skills:
  • Excellent oral and communications skill
  • Advanced interpersonal and conflict management skill.
  • Excellent listening skill
  • Excel and basic SQL skills.
Application Closing Date Not Specified.
How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online 8. Team Member, Remittance and Collection Support
Job Title: Team Member, Remittance and Collection Support Location: Lagos, Nigeria Job Type: Full-time · Mid-Senior level
About the Job
  • Interested in joining the UBA Tribe? We are looking to hire a talented and experienced individual.
  • The ideal candidates must be conversant with the following:
    • Remittance Market trends especially in the financial technology industry
    • New Product Development
    • Project coordination skills, including organizing, prioritizing and tracking all phases of a project.
    • Trend monitoring for transactions performed on the various Ecommerce solutions.
Job Objective(s)
  • Provide technical support for all collections and remittance platforms (Issue resolution, platform maintenance and upgrades etc.)
  • Facilitate and drive projects that enhance and increase the capacity of the collections and remittance platforms and in turn increase revenue
  • Monitor and report all performance trends on the platforms (Count, Volume, Uptime, Downtime etc.)
  • To ensure all routine/periodic housekeeping functions are carries out as at when due
  • Vendor Management – Ensure fluid engagements with all 3rd party support providers(Vendors) to increase content on the platforms and ensure they are stable.
Responsibilities Daily Technical Support functions:
  • Check and treat all logs/email escalations within the SLA i.e. issue resolution, enquiries, complaints and re-routing to responsible units where applicable
  • Routine housekeeping – Backup of logs periodically (daily weekly etc.), Clean up space on the servers etc.
  • Update Platform Checklist that contains all specific to be carried out on each platform on said dates
  • Ensure the platforms are up and functional at all times
  • Ensure all user platforms are optimised and functioning optimally
  • Escalate all issues to the team lead in a timely and explicit manner
Product and Project Management:
  • Track Project Management deliverables to ensure all milestones are delivered and project remains on track
  • Ensure timely development and deployment of innovative solutions for the unit
  • Ensure that vendor related projects are monitored strictly to meet set deadlines
  • Engage stakeholders to understand requirements when developing solutions for the various units.
Income and Revenue Tracking:
  • Monitor fraud prevention solutions across all collections and remittance platforms.
  • Ensure all Income are configured properly at set-up and captured for all Collections and remittance products
  • Provide Performance reporting and analytics (Count. Volume and Revenue). Analyse and interpret customer behaviours and patterns to increase retention
  • RoA weekly achievements report
  • Weekly Review and reporting of projects, Issues and collection mandates
  • Group Digital Banking Monthly Performance Report
  • Group Digital Banking Monthly Channel Adoption Report
  • Review daily transaction status reports to identify reasons for failures and ways to avoid them
  • Provide AD HOC reports when required
Educational Qualifications
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in the banking sector or any related technology field.
Desired Skills:
  • Product Management
  • Business Analysis
  • High analytical approach
  • Data presentation and trend analysis
  • Technically capable
  • Customer experience and issue resolution
  • Team leader and team player
  • Interpersonal relationship management
  • Proactive and able to work smart on own initiative
Application Closing Date Not Specified.
How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online

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